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.@seanvanvleet/@weareempires dropped a few lines from Darko in the middle of Orphan last night in San Francisco. What a way to finish off our road trip. #empires (at Bottom Of The Hill)

Photo from the Roxy! (x)



these guys never disappoint. great show and great night.

Title: I Want Blood Artist: Empires 28 plays


empires - i want blood



.@weareempires night 2/4. I tried to get a panoramic shot and everyone but @seanvanvleet showed up. #empires (at The Roxy Theatre)


I get so sad when people post that they saw empires but weren’t brave enough to talk to them. Please, please, if you see them, if they’re out and mingling, talk to them. They are the best boys. Super sweet and funny and will go out of their way to make people feel comfortable.

And they’re complete dorks.

Artist on Artist: Empires “She Don’t Use Jelly” (The Flaming Lips) ›


Relix Magazine caught up with Empires at Hangout Fest for a special performance of The Flaming Lips’ She Don’t Use Jelly. Check out the performance, from a balcony overlooking the Chevy stage at the link above!



.@weareempires night 1/4. The new songs are killer. #empires (at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego)

Title: Hostage Artist: Empires 82 plays


Hiii i’ve gotten a nice big influx of followers recently so you have to go through initiation which is listening to my favorite fucking band in the world, Empires.

If ya like what ya hear you can buy their new EP How Good Does it Feel right here. It’s only $4 and I guarantee you it’s well worth it. You can listen to and buy their other albums here (also worth the $$) and if you want their first album, Howl, just hit me up I’ll hook you up.

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