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I had to google ‘make gif in photoshop’ again because I do it like once every 10 months and forget the animation tab even exists.

Here is the lope being popped by Zeus for some weird wrongdoings or something.

Please note the intentionally severely wrong date, this is not happening because it is thus far still impossible for me to will concert dates into existence. I am working on it, will keep you updated.

Got to stop by the studio where we made Orphan today.




Tuesday, October 14: The Rural Alberta Advantage with July Talk
Thursday, October 16: Alkaline Trio with Empires
Friday, October 17: Alkaline Trio with Hide
Saturday, October 18: Alkaline Trio with All Eyes West
Sunday, October 19: Alkaline Trio with Treasure Fleet

For every milestone that almost happened or got delayed or repurposed, for all their time invested and performances logged, it feels like Empires’ moment has finally arrived. With the best album of their career out and a cool new sense of confidence in the group, it seems safe to say the band’s best days might just be ahead of them. Which is where Van Vleet is looking.

“The only thing I want to happen is to be doing this in twenty years from now,” the singer explains. “That’s what I want. If things go really fast in one direction, a lot of times that kind of lays the groundwork for a burnout, or lays the foundation for a crumble. I think that things feel that they’re at a really good pace at the moment, and…I think more people are going to start coming to shows. I think people have been. And I’ve seen it. And I think, if it’s ten more people on this record, that’s awesome.” I tell him I think it’ll be a few more than ten people. “I’m being a little facetious, but, y’know,” the singer adds, humbly.

Illinois Entertainer’s feature story on Empires (x)


[New Song Of The Week] Empires - How Good Does It Feel

You could’ve catched this band from Chicago last weekend opening the main stage of the Austin City Limits festival, or perhaps you watched them perform on Letterman in June.
You didn’t? Don’t worry, we hadn’t heard or seen them in Europe either since 2010.

For their third album called ‘Orphan’ the four worked together with producer John Congleton, who also worked with Cloud Nothings, St. Vincent, The Walkmen and many more. The collaboration resulted in a release which reminds in the first place of The National, due to Sean Van Vleet’s voice, mixed with flashes of Bruce Springsteen, a pinch of The Smiths and even that one alternative rock band from the eighties that nobody can remember.

But most of all ‘
Well How Good Does It Feel’ reminds us of the amazing guitar tracks that The Killers used to make until 2007. An excellent song which should be played out load on nocturnal road trips to exploit its full potential.



Hope there’s a heaven in the chemicals, an angel in the alcohol is burned alive

It’s already six years (!) since Empires released their first album, Howl, for free online (it definitely doesn’t feel like that long ago…). Like most people, I heard about them thanks to being a fan of guitarist Tom Conrad’s former band, but those days are long gone and Empires’ link to the mid-00s emo scene doesn’t seem as important now,

Hostage, from their fourth album, Orphan, balances right on the edge of creepy and amazing, and the drums and echoing guitar make this a song which demands to be turned up loud.

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Title: Des Plaines Kids (Demo) Artist: Empires 76 plays
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