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More photos from AV Fest/Hideout Block Party!

Photos from AV Fest/Hideout Block Party, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan 


Halloween costume idea that I’m going to attempt to do this year. Also shamelessly plugging one of my favorite bands (that whole album is free on their website and it’s amazing).

Title: Honeyblood Artist: Empires 794 plays


Honeyblood // Empires // Orphan [preorder]

All we are is indestructible
As far as we know
As far as we know

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Title: Animal Artist: Empires 314 plays

I can be animal and both our minds can be beautiful. Show me when you’re afraid and I’ll come close to communicate.


In anticipation, Empires have shared lead single “Honeyblood”, which finds the band expanding their intricate brand of brooding post-rock. Throughout the verses, frontman Sean Van Vleet’s mournful croon sounds quite distinct from the rest of the band, as if he’d been pulled off of some old bossa nova record. However, every emotion and strand of noise come crashing together by the time they reach the chorus: the mourning quickly turns into a full-on erratic assault led by guitarist Tom Conrad’s blistering, sonic assault. The emotions run quite heavy throughout the track, almost as much as the layers of blaring guitars.

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Empires release new song "Honeyblood" — listen ›

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The straightforwardness of Empires’ set — composed almost exclusively of easily danceable, mid-tempo rockers — made for a great way to ease into the festival’s second day. Though the setlist was made up entirely of new material, the meticulously crafted songs gave a strong impression of familiarity, melding the sonic muscle of ’90s alt-rock with the heartbreaking sentimentality of ’80s new wave — all the while retaining the nostalgic comfort of both. There were no surprises to be found here, but everything was in its place.

Review from LouFest!