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Photos from the Radon Lounge show! (x) (x) (x)

@mikerobinson: We drove 7 and a half hours to a bar and I couldn’t be happier


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@weareempires#ORPHAN is out! Thank you to everyone who preordered, everyone who bought it/streamed it today, and anyone else to buy or listen in the future. See you all soon 


The first thing I noticed about Empires’ Orphan LP is the uniqueness of the vocals. When they came in, I found myself taken aback by the sturdiness and beauty. In a world where most singers in a particular genre sound the same, Empires already stands out.

The songs are smooth and introspective, but catchy enough to tap your toes to. I feel the soul and intent in this album, and rather than a carbon copy of the genre basics, it combines a Killers-like soulfulness with a snappy beat. The songs are reflective, artsy, and dark, but accessible and catchy as well, which makes for an interesting listen.

That Music Mag review of “Orphan”

@powerhousefactories: Are you ready #Cincinnati? It’s @midpointmusicfestival week! Rad new print for @weareempires show on the #WashingtonPark main stage! 

Empires will be playing the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati on Saturday September 27th at 5PM. More info here.

PopStache Q&A with Mike

P ’s: What should listeners expect from Orphan?

MR: I think growth, mostly. The word “mature” was used a lot. The sound matured, especially when we took it to John. [The songs are] going somewhere else that wasn’t really expected, and once we got to John we really honed in on everything, really focused on the important parts of the songs. We stripped away a lot. When people record, they tend to add a lot, and we were focusing on “What doesn’t need to be here?” rather than, “What else can we do? What can we add here?” and I think that’s really important. Like I was saying earlier, one of my objectives was just to be simple, and I felt that was a theme throughout the record. Don’t overdo it. Let it be what it is. I think that has a lot to do with the maturing sound that came from the record. (x)

Purevolume: We recently had a chance to catch up with Empires vocalist Sean Van Vleet and guitarist Tom Conrad to discuss their sophomore album, Orphan, which comes out today! From influences to stories behind the songs, watch the indie pop rockers dissect the record and give us some interesting insight in the video above. (x)

Photo from the Seattle show, courtesy of Jake Gravbot

In the end, Empires’ decision to further satisfy their pop cravings was a good one. If Garage Hymns sounded like it might be on to something, then Orphan is the work of a band delivering on that promise. Their jones for big, powerful pop rock is on full display here. Opening with “Silverfire”, the band merge guitar crunch with playful hooks and melodies in ways they hadn’t even tried before. From there, Orphan just gets bigger and more addictive. The stomping, anthemic “Hostage”, the decidedly Killers-ish sound of “How Good Does It Feel”, and the groovy foray “Please Don’t Tell My Lover” takes into dance rock all speak of a band ready to dive into pop waters headfirst. At the same time, the band doesn’t totally flake on their roots. “Honeyblood” starts out lushly, but its live-wire finish proves the band can still open up and let their louder side come out and play when it wants to.

Consequence of Sound’s review of ‘Orphan’
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