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@weareempires: From the brewery tour at @foundersbrewing yesterday. Safety goggles and all 🍻👓 #founders #foundersbrewing #beergoggles #wheresmax

For every milestone that almost happened or got delayed or repurposed, for all their time invested and performances logged, it feels like Empires’ moment has finally arrived. With the best album of their career out and a cool new sense of confidence in the group, it seems safe to say the band’s best days might just be ahead of them. Which is where Van Vleet is looking.

“The only thing I want to happen is to be doing this in twenty years from now,” the singer explains. “That’s what I want. If things go really fast in one direction, a lot of times that kind of lays the groundwork for a burnout, or lays the foundation for a crumble. I think that things feel that they’re at a really good pace at the moment, and…I think more people are going to start coming to shows. I think people have been. And I’ve seen it. And I think, if it’s ten more people on this record, that’s awesome.” I tell him I think it’ll be a few more than ten people. “I’m being a little facetious, but, y’know,” the singer adds, humbly.

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Photos from the Radon Lounge show! (x)

Photos from Weekend 1 of Austin City Limits festival! (x) (x

Excellent photos from Seattle, courtesy of Rainy City Ambiance. 

Photos from the Radon Lounge show! (x) (x) (x)

Purevolume: We recently had a chance to catch up with Empires vocalist Sean Van Vleet and guitarist Tom Conrad to discuss their sophomore album, Orphan, which comes out today! From influences to stories behind the songs, watch the indie pop rockers dissect the record and give us some interesting insight in the video above. (x)

Photo from the Seattle show, courtesy of Jake Gravbot

@weareempires: SEATTLE at @neumos_ tonight with @weareaugustines || 8:30p set