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@weareempires: From the brewery tour at @foundersbrewing yesterday. Safety goggles and all 🍻👓 #founders #foundersbrewing #beergoggles #wheresmax


Photos from the Radon Lounge show! (x)


Photos from Weekend 1 of Austin City Limits festival! (x) (x

Excellent photos from Seattle, courtesy of Rainy City Ambiance. 

Photos from the Radon Lounge show! (x) (x) (x)

Purevolume: We recently had a chance to catch up with Empires vocalist Sean Van Vleet and guitarist Tom Conrad to discuss their sophomore album, Orphan, which comes out today! From influences to stories behind the songs, watch the indie pop rockers dissect the record and give us some interesting insight in the video above. (x)

@weareempires: SEATTLE at @neumos_ tonight with @weareaugustines || 8:30p set

@jakegravbrot: Years and years ago, I cut hair for a ton of bands who were all up and coming in the Warped Tour scene. As time has gone on, many are finished touring and some are still doing quite well on the road. Those bands that broke up have spawned other bands and some members have taken up roles playing for other previously established artists. A former member of The Academy Is… now plays in a band named Empires. This guy is actually one of the first people who I really took a liking to for the actual art of photography. He used to sell his prints off of his own website and I always used to go and check out what he had shot while out on tour. As his band has picked up with consistent touring, he’s put the camera down to focus on guitar again, and for good reason. Empires has the kind of sound that feels nostalgic in a very genuine way, yet cutting edge enough that it’ll likely be dominating alternative rock radio very soon. They’ve got backing by Island/Def Jam, which could bode very well for them if this record takes off. Today, they came through Seattle and I had a chance to shoot portraits for them and grab some shots at their show. It’s always good to see old friends doing well and I fully expect to hear more from these guys in the coming years.